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I got many  queries regarding the market profile software source and how to get this and how to install and is there any ways to reduce the cost etc

Hence I have decided to write this article to answer these questions, The main objective of this article is to spread the awareness on market profile software and help the retail traders on reducing the cost of the software.

Nowadays’s Market Profile and Order flow software are becoming one of the most used tools by retail traders and generally, this leads in creating a demand for the product. The same is effectively used to increase the cost of these software’s.

The present moment the software cost varies from

Market Profile : 17000 – 21000 Rs 
Order Flow : 53000-60000 Rs.

Licence validity : LIFETIME

As a trader I can clearly say, this is the huge amount to invest in software in the initial stage of the trading and even after using this costly software also the success is not guaranteed in this markets.

Well, the important question at the moment is,

Is there any way by which we can save or get discounts on these software’s?

The answer is YES!

You can actually get the software’s at 50% flat discount, read the complete details to get the clarity.

The FIN-ALGO software devoloper is the answer for this.

How can you get the benefit here?

FIN-ALGO is a devoloper of Many Indicators for NINJATRADER, In that the market profile and Order flow are also included indicators.

When we purchase software by them we get a single license but this license can be used in two computers at the same time.

So, You can find a partner who is looking for buying the software and purchase a single license and you can use the same license for two computers simultaneously

The straight forward benefit of doing this is, you will be benefitted with a flat 50% discount on the original product.

The present software cost of FIN ALGO is

MARKET PROFILE (TPO chart with volome profile) : 289$ (Approx 20200 Rs)
ORDER FLOW (Market Balance) : 750$ (Approx 52500 Rs)

If you purchase the license by having an other partner it will cost you

MARKET PROFILE (TPO chart with volome profile) : 10100 Rs Approx
ORDER FLOW(Market Balance) : 26250 Rs Approx .

And its also a lifetime license.

If you want to know more about fin algo and their products, Find the details below.


To get additional discounts on these prodicts vist our WEBSITE  :

Hope this article helps you in reducing the investment costs of these software’s.

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Nataraj M S

Nataraj M S

Founder - Market Profile Wizards

Nataraj is a full-time NIFTY and BANKNIFTY Trader and founded Market Profile Wizards to overcome the hurdles of retail traders which he faced during his journey as a trader. He has been in the stock market since 2013 as an active investor and trader. His main focus is in the area of Short term trading and Intraday trading.

He has an expertise in Market Profile, Order Flow, Price action, volume profile, Advanced options trading, technical analysis.