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Market Profile & ORDER FLOW COURSE

Powerful tools for intraday trading…


Market profile constructed by Time Price Opportunities means Time regulates price, thus presenting opportunity. It is the starting point for developing market structure and graphically represents the market as separate auctions allow the trading to have a more dynamic and current picture of value perception without any other information.

Market Profile was developed by Peter Steidlmayer in the 1960s for Traders in the Chicago Board Of Trade, to have an easier graphic representation. It is the number one professional tool used by 95% of professional traders. Available in all professional platforms, including Ninja Trader and Amibroker. Pros don’t trade without it.


Order flow is a visualization tool to record the live executed orders and that leads one to see the micro picture behind every move and price action.

The order flow of markets is what truly causes the price to move. Order flow can be applied to any liquid script of financial markets. There is stop hunting, Traps in liquidation points, price acceptance and rejections many more.

In this course, you will understand to identify the real-time traps and stop loss hunting with clear visualization of the charts. Most importantly we use order flow to validate and invalidate the trade setups which we have learned in Market Profile Trading and you can use it for price action validation as well. Knowing the trade setup will work or not, before entering the trade saves a lot of money for a trader!

Know Your Mentor



Nataraj founded Market Profile Wizards to overcome the hurdles of retail traders which he faced during his 6-year journey as a trader. He has been in the stock market since 2013 as an active investor and trader and Engineer with 7 Yrs experiences in the corporate field.

His main focus is in the area of Short term trading and Intraday trading.

He has an expertise in Market Profile,Order Flow, Price action, volume profile, Advanced options trading, technical analysis.

He trades in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY in intraday and positional trades in stocks and commodities market. He is skilled at identifying “U” turns in the markets.

Course Fee Structure

Market Profile Master class with Order Flow Trading Course


Lesson - 1 : Basics of MARKET PROFILE

The strength of the building depends upon the strength of the foundation. In this lesson, you will learn the foundation of Market profile and auction process.

Lesson - 2 : Building Blocks of MARKET PROFILE

In this lesson, You will learn about the basic building blocks of the Market profile, which are used in the construction of market profile

Lesson - 3 : Construction of the MARKET PROFILE

In this lesson, you will get the answer to “How these ABCD charts are constructed?”. You will learn to draw or construct a MARKET PROFILE Graph in simple ways.

Lesson - 4 : Initiative and responsive activity

In this lesson, you will understand the core principles of the auction process and an initiative and responsive activities which will help you to see the markets as they are!!!

Lesson - 5 : Day structures

Without understanding the overall picture of the market, anything you try becomes useless over the period of time. In this lesson you will understand the  important day structures of MARKET PROFILE

Lesson - 6 : Volume profile analysis

Volume is the very basic drive for the price and it indicates the transactions happened at particular levels and time. In this lesson, You will understand how to analyze the volume profile.

Lesson - 7 : Market sentiment analysis

The markets react to the mass sentiments, FEAR & GREED are the common emotions that result in price reaction. In this lesson, you will understand how to analyze the market sentiment and decide the direction.

Lesson - 8 : Open drives

Have you seen market tends to move rapidly in one direction after it opens? In this lesson, you will understand the practical way to capture the open moves of the market.

Lesson - 9 : DSI (Day Structure Identification) System

Day structures give the crucial information about the characteristics and behavior of the market and in this lesson, you will understand how to identify this before it develops and plan the trades accordingly.

Lesson - 10 : Entry and exit Methods

The fate of any trade depends on the entry and exit. In this lesson, you will get the answer to “Where I should take entry and where I should book the profits ?”

Lesson - 11 : Market context & Trade setups

In this lesson, you will clearly understand ” When to trade, When not to trade. and How to trade, how not to trade” with a proper understanding of the context of market and case study examples.

Lesson - 12 : Risk & Money Management

No matter how strong you are with all tools and concepts, Trading is a business of probability and we have to respect the Risk (Uncertainty). In this lesson, you will understand how to manage it.

Order Flow lesson-1 : Introduction to Order Flow Charts

Volume is the validator for every price auction that happens in the market. In this video, you will understand the basic principle of the order flow charts.

Order flow Lesson-2 : How to read the Order Flow charts

In this lesson, you will be getting an answer for how to use the order flow and what are all the important parameters to look for.

Order Flow lesson-3 : Advanced concepts or order flow trading

In this lesson, you will understand how to read the information and use that information in real markets practically to identify the traps and stop loss hunting. Finally take better decisions with respect to the BIG PICTURE of the market.


1) Are these training videos pre-recorded?
Ans: Yes, Its a 8+ hours of recorded content.

2) Can I watch these videos on mobile?
Ans: Presently we are supporting the windows computer only as the visibility of the videos are good in computer. If you have any questions in this please feel free to contact us in whatsapp.

3) How much time does it take to understand the contents?
Ans: Well, It purely depends on the individual person’s dedication, ideally one can complete the videos within one month 

4) How much time does it take to access the video?
Ans: Within 24 Hours post subscription.

5) Will I get support after the completion of the course?
Yes, There will be a separate telegram channel where we post live alerts about the trigger points which you will learn in this course.

6) Will I need to purchase any software’s in order to implement these concepts?
We are providing excel utility file that will help you to plot Market Profile manually and that itself is sufficient to implement these concepts, However once you become familiar with the concepts you can purchase the TPO software.
We have written an article about HOW TO GET MARKET PROFILE SOFTWARE AT THE BEST COST Click here to read this article.

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